Nvidia and Mercedes Hand In Hand to Bring an AI based Car

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Through the CES 2017, almost every manufacturer gave a clue to what they are bringing and what users can expect from them in 2017. With the unveiling of Amazon Alexa’s AI based LG smart fridge or the clues of Samsung to bring Bixby AI on its devices, we already got a clear glimpse of what 2017 would look like. And adding to the list, Nvidia and Mercedes are now coming hand in hand to bring an AI based car.

The GPU maker, after creating a benchmark in the video games is now indulged in AI and Mercedes is accompanying for the run. According to Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO and co-founder of Nvidia, this collaboration has started three years ago. However, no palpable results were observed. Now the duos have designed the general outlook of their AI based car. According to Jen-Hsun Huang, this AI based car will come to the customers by 2018. So, this project, in order to come handy with the consumers, we are ought to wait a couple of years.

The autonomous car conceived by these duos takes a voice command from the user and reads the destination. On the journey, the AI based car perceives the surrounding and determines the safe condition before making a turn. Moreover, the car slows in the twists, speeds on the ramps and less or non-crowded streets in the permissible limits. In addition, the car is accustomed in making switches in the lanes after analyzing the right condition. And the interesting thing is that it obeys the traffic lights and follow the traffic rules. So after being seated on the driver seat of this car, nobody could throw “Don’t drink and drive” lectures to your face.

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