NVIDIA RTX 5090 to come with Jaw-Dropping 1.5 TB/s of bandwidth

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Approaching 2024, anticipation is mounting for Nvidia’s next-gen flagship graphics card, rumored to be the RTX 5090. Some leaked information has surfaced offering a sneak peek into the features that could make this GPU a total beast. In this article, let’s dive in to explore the surfacing rumors regards RTX 5090.

NVIDIA RTX 5090: Rumors Roundup

Recent leaks indicate the GB202 GPU will power the NVIDIA RTX 5090, initially thought to feature a 512-bit memory bus. However, recent information reveals a more plausible 384-bit bus configuration. Rumors also indicate that the GPU will incorporate cutting-edge GDDR7 memory, with both Micron and Samsung preparing for production and shipment in 2024.

 What to expect?

NVIDIA Graphics card

GDDR7, a long-anticipated development, is poised to deliver up to 50% more bandwidth, potentially reaching speeds of 32Gbps. This leap in memory technology might eliminate the need for a wider memory bus, NVIDIA RTX 5090 also projects a total bandwidth of 1.5TB/s over the 384-bit bus – a considerable advance from the capabilities of the RTX 4090.

In addition, recent information introduces a twist to the narrative, challenging earlier claims about the memory bus. RedGamingTech suggests the NVIDIA RTX 5090 will adopt 32Gbps GDDR7 memory on a 384-bit bus, potentially incorporating an increased L2 cache of up to 96 MB.

More Speculation

Beyond memory enhancements, speculation emerged regarding a potential chiplet architecture. A substantial increase in shader count, and a transition to a 3nm fabrication process for the GB202 GPU. These enhancements fuel expectations that the NVIDIA RTX 5090 could emerge as the undisputed champion, potentially claiming the title of the fastest consumer graphics card.

NVIDIA RTX 5090: Pricing and Availability

As excitement builds, speculation turns to pricing. While the RTX 4090 currently holds a premium card position at $1,599, projections suggest that the RTX 5090 could carry an even higher $1,999 price tag. The release date remains uncertain, but with ongoing refinements to specifications, a late 2024/2025 launch appears probable.

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