Oculus Quest 2 unveiled with a $100 cheaper starting price tag

Oculus Quest 2 Unveiled Price Nepal availability Launch Specs Features
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Oculus has announced the successor to the original Quest. The new Oculus Quest 2 features a brand new design, new controllers, and improved display. The best part is that it retails for even less than that of the original Quest. Let’s learn more about Oculus Quest 2, including its specs, features, expected price, and availability in Nepal.

Oculus Quest 2 Overview

New Design

Compared to the original quest, its successor is both slimmer, lighter, and thus, more portable. Oculus has managed to reduce the weight of the VR headset by up to 10%. The new headset is also said to be more comfortable. It features two built-in IPD (Inter-Pupillary Distance) mechanism that allows the user to choose from three settings. Users can adjust the IPD for their comfort.

Oculus Quest 2 Design

Improved AI and Graphics

Oculus Quest 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XPR2 platform. It comes with 6GB of RAM. Thus, it offers better processing and AI capabilities compared to the Oculus Quest. Oculus has also improved the graphic processing prowess. The new AR headset can handle 90Hz contents. As of now, the feature is limited to select system applications. The supported app includes Home Environment, Explore, Store, Browser, and Oculus TV.

To enjoy the feature, the user must activate it from the Experimental features. Oculus will be making the feature available to third-party developers in the near future. Oculus has bumped the resolution on the new VR headset. We are talking about 1832 x 1920 pixels for each eye. That is about 50% more pixels than that on the first-gen Oculus.

Ergonomic Touch Controllers

Oculus has introduced new touch controllers to improve comfort. The new design is based on the original touch controllers but is said to be more comfortable. Oculus says that with the added comfort of the new ergonomics users will be able to perform better in games. The new touch controllers are also more power-efficient than their predecessors. They are optimized to offer up to four times better battery endurance than the original Quest Touch controllers. Other than this, the controls remain the same.

Oculus Quest 2 Touch Controllers

Supported Games and Library

Quest 2 will support all the existing Quest library contents. It will also be compatible with upcoming gaming titles such as the Star Treks: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge, Myst, Jurassic World Aftermath, Warhammer 40,000, Battle Sister, Pistol Whip: 2089, The Climb 2, and others. It also supports Oculus Link, which allows users to play Rift games by connecting the VR headset to a gaming PC. Thus, the Quest 2 will also support PC titles such as Asgard’s Wrath, Stormland and Lone Echo. Quest 2 will also support Lone Echo II and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond when the two are launched.

Oculus Quest 2 Package

Oculus Quest 2 Price in Nepal and Availability

Oculus Quest 2 (64GB) is available for pre-order in select markets including the US, UK, and Japan for a price of $299. The 256GB variant is not available as of now. We might not see the Oculus Quest 2 launch officially in Nepal but one can expect to get hands-on it through unofficial channels for an expected price of NPR 45,000.

AR Headset Price in the US Price in Nepal (Expected)
Oculus Quest 2 (64GB) $299 NPR 45,000
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