OPPO is creating its own ChatGPT for smartphones

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The Chinese smartphone giant Oppo is going all in on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and plans to make its own Chat-GPT-like assistant. In this article, let’s take a look at what Oppo is planning to do with its latest venture AndesGPT. 

OPPO AndesGPT Overview 

It’s no secret that we use our phones every day and while some assistants like Google Assistant truly add a lot of value to that experience, most others are not very capable. So, with the recent rise of Large Language Models (LLM) like Chat GPT, many companies like Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Oppo are willing to bet on AI to supercharge their upcoming assistants.

LLMs and Smartphones

That being said integrating an LLM to a smartphone is harder than it sounds. Large Language Models are trained on thousands if not millions of text data and require a lot of computing power to work as intended. So, the obvious choice would be to run the LLM in the cloud which is how you and I can use ChatGPT on our smartphones regardless of our own hardware. But OPPO and others are planning to run the LLM locally on your smartphone. This will require a lot of computational power so it’s not an easy path to pursue, but if they are successful, there are lots of advantages too. 

AndesGPT will work without WiFi

One of OPPO’s ventures is AndesGPT which will be powering its AI assistant Xiao Bu. AndesGPT is an LLM-like Chat GPT but one that will run locally. Now, it’s likely going to have way fewer parameters than Chat GPT but fine-tuning the model should allow OPPO to achieve impressive feats like local text generation, AI personalization, real-time language translation, accessibility features, and a whole lot more. Something like Infinix’s Folax does have integrated GPT-3 (cloud-based) but it leaves a lot to desire due to a lack of proper optimization so only time will tell how practical this approach pans out to be. 

OPPO AndesGPT benchmark

Right now, the development looks to be pretty promising as AndesGPT was able to score 98.33 in the “Knowledge and Encyclopedia” ability test of the SuperCLUE LLM benchmark. That’s just a couple of points behind GPT 4 which got a full score of 100.

OPPO’s other AI ventures

OPPO has eyes on the greater prize as well. Though LLMs are all the rage right now, the company is also investing in other aspects of emerging AI like computer vision. Computer vision is an AI technology that enables the identification and understanding of objects and people in images and videos. In a sense, you can also see it as an extension of OPPO AndesGPT,  where this model will not only be able to read your text inputs but also ‘see’ through images and ‘hear’ through voice.