Infineon x Adidas Lighting Shoe glows to your music.

Infineon x Adidas Lighting Shoe
Honor 200 series Ad

Germany’s largest semiconductor manufacturer Infineon has partnered up with the sportswear giant Adidas to create the perfect blend between function and form with their new Lighting Shoe based on Adidas NMD S1. In this article, let’s take a look at this unique piece of tech and what shiny features it has to offer. 

Infineon Lighting Shoe Overview

Design and Base

Well for starters, Infineon has used the Adidas NMD S1 shoe as the base of their Lighting ventures. The S1 already featured quite a bold look and the added glow certainly makes them stand out from everyone else. And although it looks very cool, Infineon mentioned that they have no plans for the Lighting Shoe to enter production any time soon or enter at all for that matter. 

Tech Inside

The Lighting Shoe is embedded with Infineon’s MEMs microphones which are capable of picking up a wide range of sounds without distortion. Pair that with the embedded microcontroller, and you have yourself a shoe that listens to the surrounding music and dances accordingly. 

Infineon x Adidas Lighting Shoe Tech

The XENSIV MEMs microphones enable the Lighting shoe to have “intuitive sensing capabilities” while the PSoC microcontroller “processes the audio input” and does the syncing magic. And you can charge ‘your’ Lighting Shoe with the same USB-C cable as your phone thanks to the EZ-PDR Barrel Connector Replacement solution used here. And to make sure you don’t run out of juice on your very first rodeo, the Lighting Shoe also has high-efficiency OptiMOS MOSFETs to manage power.

The Why

Infineon says that they have partnered up with Adidas “ to develop an iconic shoe fusing technology with fashion to inspire the wearer to move!” Furthermore, the Lighting Shoe also

“brings the power of digitalization out into the open for everyone to see and hear.”

And according to them, the Adidas NMD S1 was the perfect shoe to offer that shape for housing sensitive, high-quality electronic components without compromising wearer comfort. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s cool to see something out of the ordinary every once in a while in the tech world. Like the Honor V Purse, or now the Infineon Lighting Shoe, many concept devices emerge in the wild and although devices like these may not be practical or even ahead of their time, they always leave quite the impression-at least on me.

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