OnePlus and Oppo to feature Google’s Gemini Ultra AI

Oppo OnePlus Gemini Ultra AI
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OnePlus and Oppo are teaming up with Google to bring some exciting new changes to their smartphones. They’re planning to add Google’s advanced AI technology called Gemini to make their phones smarter and more helpful. This big move could make OnePlus and Oppo lead the way in AI-powered mobile technology. Let’s find out more about their plan.

OPPO OnePlus to use Gemini Ultra AI

Cool New AI Features Coming Soon

At the recent Google Cloud Next ’24 event, it was announced that OnePlus and Oppo phones will soon be equipped with a range of new AI capabilities. Among these are news summarization, audio content sorting, and an innovative AI toolbox designed to enhance user productivity and creativity. Nicole Zhang, General Manager of AI Products for both brands, emphasized the revolutionary impact of generative AI, stating that it positions OnePlus and Oppo to bring cutting-edge AI benefits to users globally.

Oppo OnePlus Google's Gemini Ultra AI

What to Look Out For

Soon, OnePlus and Oppo phone users can expect over 100 new features that use AI to create content (AIGC experiences). One of these is an “AI Eraser” that lets you easily remove unwanted things from your photos and fix the background. This feature is already available in devices like the Oppo Reno 11 series and the OnePlus 12 lineup.

How Gemini AI Will Make Phones Better

The AI will work with Google’s cloud technology to manage tough tasks and give you smart, relevant answers to your queries. Whether it’s making your photos look better or helping you find information faster, Gemini AI is set to make using your phone a lot easier.

Oppo & OnePlus with Gemini Ultra: What’s Next?

The details of how all these new features will be added to the phones are still being worked out. The tech community is excited to see how these advancements will change the way we use our phones every day.

With this partnership, OnePlus and Oppo aren’t just keeping up with the latest tech trends—they’re at the forefront, ready to deliver a smarter and more intuitive mobile experience as technology continues to advance.

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