OPPO to invest $7 billion on R&D for the new era of intelligent connectivity

oppo intelligent connectivity R&D investment 5G
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We live in an intelligent world. From smartphones to smart-houses, everything these days is smart. Moreover, the rapid development in 5G has further expanded the horizon for the development of a smarter world. Thus, it is no brainer that major tech companies are all geared up and ready to lead us into this smarter world.

This very topic was the main theme for this year’s OPPO INNO DAY. The Chinese tech giant revealed its latest developments as well as plans for the era of intelligent connectivity. Various new products that included the likes of smartwatches, smart headphones, 5G CPE, AR glasses and many more were the highlights of the event.

During the event, Tony Chen, the CEO of OPPO, further focused on how the world is shaping up and the major advances happening in the field of connectivity and AI. He focused on how things are likely to shape up in the future with major smartphone makers shifting their focus from smartphones to something much more. And that is the reflection of how things are shaping up. One can see how other major tech companies are focusing on other smart devices rather than just smartphones.

Tony Chen, the CEO of OPPO

Moving on, the question may arise regarding how OPPO plans on seizing this opportunity. For starter, they have planned on investing $7 billion on R&D. Now that’s huge. Through this investment, the company plans on committing itself to develop core technologies in hardware and software. Furthermore, they plan on building an intelligent ecosystem of OPPO products with their smartphones taking the center stage. This hopefully will allow them to optimize their content and service offerings.

With 5G and AI serving as the core competency of the company, OPPO plans on building an integrated technology model. The company has a clear technological roadmap planned for its future development. As a part of its plan of becoming the leader in the era of intelligent connectivity, the company plans on launching smartwatches, smart headphones, and 5G CPE. And all of them in the first quarter of 2020!