Poll results: What Nepal & Nepali think of the iPhone X?

iphone x poll results
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The iPhone X was one of the most hyped smartphones of 2017. The new iPhone featured a new design language and included the elimination of a few iconic features as well. Let’s look at what the readers of Gadgetbyte Nepal think of the new iPhone X.

Firstly, all of us can agree that the upcoming iPhone is seriously expensive. And so did 32% of the voters, without surprise. The price tag of $999 for the base model is a first for any smartphone. And when you compare it to the likes of Nepal market, the iPhone could easily cross the 1 lakh 30 thousand price tag barrier set by the 256GB iPhone 8 Plus.

Then came the iPhone X vs Note 8 part, with 27% of the votes in Samsung‘s favor. The Note 8 does have the upper hand when it comes to price, availability, size and the S-pen. But one can easily argue that the iPhone is a lot faster and does a lot of things better than the Note 8. All in all, both are great phones, so choose whichever fits your needs better.

The 18% of you think it’s the prettiest phone ever whereas the 14% of you think it’s one of the ugliest. And finally, a few of you happen to love your Chinese branded phones more than the iPhone.

And finally, no one had bought the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus stopping them from buying the iPhone X.