Poll results: NTC is the most preferred telecommunication provider in Nepal

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    Nepal Telecom has been in Nepal for a while now and it has gained the public’s trust. We can confirm this with confidence from the results we have seen from the poll we took a couple of weeks back.

    The state-owned telecommunication company has easily accumulated 59% of the total votes. This is the first time we have seen an option garner more than 50% of the votes. However, it only had a few competitors.

    Ncell took the second spot, probably a result of its changing owners and the tax issues. Also, its high tariff rates don’t help much either. They really need to learn that Nepali people want cheaper rates on calls and texts rather than the features that no one uses.

    The option “all of them suck” came third with a total of 16% votes. If we consider the number of people who hate the telecommunication service every now and then, this 16% is actually surprising.

    The mere 4% that “others” got is a negative for the industry. We need to look at the fact that only two carriers are leading in Nepal, resulting in overpriced service fees, and a lack of innovation and upgrades in their services.