Is Dizo by Realme TechLife really shutting down?

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DIZO, the first brand under Realme’s TechLife ecosystem, has now been speculated for potential shutdown following CEO Abhilash Panda’s resignation. The brand is facing significant backlash in social media due to its lack of response to customer queries and the recent inability of its companion app to pair with accessories. In this article, we’ll attempt to untangle the whispers and shed light on the reasons behind these speculations.

DIZO, who?

Established in 2021, DIZO serves as the sub-brand of Realme. It offers a wide range of audio, smart home, watches, phones, and personal grooming products and has earned the trust of the stakeholders from its very first year. DIZO created a base in the market with 17 smartwatches, 13 Bluetooth audio accessories, 3 feature phones, 3 hair trimmers, and a hair dryer.


Over the past two years, DIZO’s diverse product lineup has generated a lot of talk online, as users share their thoughts and experiences, expressing both positive and negative opinions about the brand and its products.

Why is there so much opinion online?

On May 27 this year, the CEO stepped back from his position, leading everyone to suspect the forever closing of DIZO. The communication and public relation team have also reportedly exited from the brand recently. Customer service is also neglecting customer queries, causing chaos for those facing product issues. Furthermore, the service centers listed before to provide after-care service to the Dizo gadgets are also distancing themself from the brand.

Most customers complain about the Dizo companion app, on which the devices were to pair, is not functioning properly. Some have even tried to sideload the app through APK files only to encounter the server error.

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Dizo: From Prominence to Potential Shutdown

DIZO has come all the way from being ranked fourth in the Indian smartwatch category in Q1 2023 with a 4.4% market share to being on the verge of shutting down completely. All the careless activities point to the DIZO being digitally off already (there are no official statements yet).

In April, Realme said they would rebrand TechLife and merge it with Narzo. If DIZO does indeed shut down, there is a possibility that it could also be merged into the Narzo brand.

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