PowerVision PowerRay underwater Drone at CES 2017

    PowerRay Drone
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    Enough of touching the sky already, let’s dive deep underwater! The consumer market for drones has taken a massive leap in the past year,  we saw all kinds of drones with all kinds of form factor which helped us to relive our dream of flying high and see the world from a different perspective. Well, what this world has to offer is not seen just from above, there’s plenty of fun underwater as well.

    The PowerRay Drone is first of it’s kind and for now it has been advertised for fishing (Welcome to the future!) This Drone can dive down 30meters and for fishing uses SONAR to detect fishes another 40 meters below. PowerRay can also detect temperature, landscape, and fish distribution underwater. The drone can also shoot LIVE 4K videos underwater and transmit to its iOS or Android App. It sports a 12MP Camera with 100 degree wide angle lens. You also get an alert when there’s a fish nearby. PowerRay Drone comes with precision remote bait drop and blue laser to lure the fish.

    PowerRay Drone

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    The fun doesn’t stop there if you have never dived into the water to catch a fish, then now you’re about to. You can use the PowerVision VR goggles to transmit the feed to your VR headset and enjoy the world underwater. You can also control the drone with head movements. The use of this drone can be more than just for fishing, and might take underwater exploration for commoners to a whole new level. Just as we’ve  flown drones to appreciate all the beauty from above, it’s time to see what lies under those deep blue oceans.

    PowerRay Drone will be available for pre-order from 27th Feb but the price hasn’t been announced yet.

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