Phones will now be 27% faster with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 835

Qualcomm launched a 10-nanometer processor manufactured by Samsung yesterday. Dubbed Snapdragon 835, the chipset is 27% faster than Snapdragon 820 and 821.

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Samsung had announced in October that the company was building a 10nm processor. And today, at a press event in New York, Qualcomm and Samsung announced that the Korean company will be manufacturing Qualcomm’s newest chipset that will power most of the premium smartphones of 2017.

If stats are considered, the processor is an absolute beast. Qualcomm and Samsung claim that the chip is 27% faster, houses 30% less space and uses 40% less power than today’s premium chips – Snapdragon 820 and 821. The Snapdragon 820 and 821 processors use a 14nm manufacturing technique.


The chipset will pack millions more transistors into a smaller sized processor. And the 10nm processor is really small, like really, really small (10 nanometers is 6,000 times shorter than the diameter of a strand of human hair). This will surely help smartphone manufacturers in making a thinner device, or use the ample extra space to house a larger battery.

Speaking at the event, Keith Kressin, Senior Vice President of Product Management for Qualcomm said, “Using the new 10nm process node is expected to allow our premium tier Snapdragon 835 processor to deliver power efficiency and increase performance while also allowing us to add a number of new capabilities that can improve the user experience of tomorrow’s devices.”

It was previously thought that Qualcomm was manufacturing Snapdragon 830 but with the launch of Snapdragon 835 we don’t know where the company stands with the 830.

We can expect the Snapdragon 835 to release along with a new premium smartphone (probably Samsung Galaxy S8) at the Mobile World Congress next February.

In a statement, the executive vice president and head of Samsung’s foundry business, Jong Shik Yoon, said, “This collaboration is an important milestone for our foundry business as it signifies confidence in Samsung’s leading chip process technology.”

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