RCS finally comes to iPhones courtesy of a third-party app

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While Google has always taken an active role in promoting RCS and setting forth guidelines and standards for its implementation, Apple has been unwilling to embrace RCS protocol. Nonetheless, now, a third-party application known as Beeper has permitted iPhone users to access RCS’s features. This article will cover information about RCS, Beeper, and how Apple has introduced RCS through Beeper in its platform.

Apple’s step towards RCS

RCS, What?

RCS, Rich Communication Services, is a messaging protocol designed to enhance and modernize SMS (Short Messaging Service) messaging by adding features like read receipts, message bubbles as typing indicators, high-resolution media sharing, and more. Android smartphones, including those from Google, have been using this for a while now. It’s often seen as an alternative to messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.


Apple has traditionally used its proprietary iMessage platform for messaging between Apple devices which has many features similar to RCS but lacks cross-platform compatibility with Android.

Beeper’s new update

Beeper is an application that brings together various messaging services into one platform. This means you can use different messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, and more, all within the Beeper app.

It brings together all messaging apps, simplifying communication for users across different platforms. Additionally, Beeper has found a way to enable iPhone users to use RCS messaging by adding support for Google Message, which was previously not directly available on iPhones.

Apple adopting the RCS protocol

For Apple users, they can use RCS’s service by getting the latest Beeper Desktop version and then turning on the feature in the settings. But there are a couple of drawbacks with Beeper. First, there’s a waiting list to join the application, so new users might need the patience to start using the Beeper app.

Another concern is that the RCS integration is currently being tested within Beeper. Thus, issues might arise related to profile pictures, chat history, and determining if your messages were read in group chats.

Also, when using Beeper to access RCS messaging on platforms like Apple devices, there is a question of whether users are comfortable with the idea of routing their messages through a third-party app (Beeper) in order to gain the convenience of RCS features. The trade-off here is between the enhanced features of RCS messaging and the choice to use a separate app.