Sajha Yatayat to Introduce Smart Travel Card

    travel smart card in nepal sajha yatayat
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    Sajha Yatayat has been putting some modern touch to their buses. From CCTV, TV’s and all the other stuff, Sajha buses are I must say, pretty feature packed. Now to make your travel, even more easier, they’re about to introduce the payment system with Travel Card where the commuters pay for their travel with a smart card rather than hassling with cash.

    Sajha Yatayat

    This kind of system has been implemented in the public transportation of several developed countries and it’s a good thing that we’re slowly seeing such changes in the transportation sector of Nepal as well. Travel Cards will be really useful for those who use Sajha Yatayat for their daily commute. 10 buses of Sajha Yatayat traveling in the route of Lagankhel to Naya Buspark has been equipped with the Travel Card reader and soon the service will be expanding to all the other buses. These Card Readers are placed near the door where you need to insert your card when riding and getting off the bus, then the system will automatically take the fare based on your travel.   This system seems pretty cool, not having to deal with spare change and just simply going to your commute without any hassle. The systems are already in place but to make use of it, Sajha Yatayat still has to make the Travel Card available to the public which they will in the coming weeks.The system is currently on test with only limited number of users.

    Smart Travel Card will be priced Rs.200 and will hold a Rs.50 balance. You can easily cash the amount you want on your travel card from the Sajha Yatayat Office, or if the cash balance runs out you can recharge by paying the bus driver as well. Sajha also plans to simplify the recharge process with the introduction of recharge cards and maybe partner with an online payment service to make things easier. And to expand the functionality of the payment system, if it turns out to be successful then they will be placed on shopping marts as well.