CAN Infotech 2017: Sammy Traders launching 5 new Allocacoc products

Sammy Traders CAN Info-Tech 2017
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The countdown for the CAN Info-Tech 2017 is almost over. The biggest electronic trade fair of Nepal is lesser than a day away. This year’s CAN Info-Tech has got more attention than previous ones. Thanks to different Brands for scheduling their launch events in this trade fair. Coming to the scheduling of launch events, Sammy Traders Pvt. Ltd., authorized distributor of Allocacoc products for Nepal, has scheduled its launch event of 5 new products. According to the Sammy Traders, they will be launching these products on the fifth day of the show and that’s 30th Jan. 2017 (Monday).

Five new products from Sammy Traders (CAN Info-Tech 2017)

The launch event of five different products by Sammy Traders will take place at their Stall No. T60 in CAN Info-Tech coming Monday. Here’s a brief overview of those products:

1. WisUmi – Biometric Fingerprint Password Keeper

Well, it is a multi-purpose portable device. It has a fingerprint sensor built on it. Hence, the device can be used as your password manager for different online accounts. That way, logging into different online accounts doesn’t need the password, rather your fingerprint will do the job. Plus, It also has a storage of 32GB which can be divided into Public and Private folders. To open contents from Private Folders, authorized fingerprint needs to be assured. Hence, both your files and online accounts can be protected.

WisUmi Fingerprint flash drive

More technical Specifications include compatibility with both Mac and Windows. WisUmi uses USB 3.0 interface with read speed at 80M/s and write speed at 20M/s. As far as security is concerned, the top federal Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256 bits) is applied.

2. Business Leisure Smart Backpack

Having a power bank comes handy while charging a phone. But what is troublesome is at the end of the day, you’ve to charge that power bank as well. How about I tell you, you don’t need to do that anymore if you happen to have this backpack. Just leave this backpack in somewhere sunny and get 6000mAh of power to charge your phone and tablets.

 Business Leisure Smart BackPack solar charging bagOther than solar charging, this smart bag uses real-time positioning that way, the owner will be notified if they forget it. This 26litre capacity bag has a Bluetooth anti-lost feature as well.

It’ll not be out of place to mention, Sammy Traders will be taking pre-orders of WisUmi and Solar powered Smart Bag at their stall, T60 in this CAN Info-Tech.

3. Levit8 – The flat folding portable standing desk.

LEVIT8 is a flat-folding standing desk that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is easy to use and carry around since it doesn’t require any assembly or refurnishing. So simple, just twist and fold, transform into a sit-stand desk for your laptop. When you’re done, you can fold it back to flat and carry it with you.

Levit 8

4. DAX – the wallet with a trick up its sleeve

If you are one of those who has a number of cards to put in your wallet then DAX is the right one for you. This wallet comes handy to put and access up to 5 cards cascaded in its main compartment. Just pull a tab, and get access to all of your cards cascaded inside. It’s an easy, convenient, and enjoyable thing to do. Since DAX is a wallet, there’s a room for keeping your money at the back. Plus it looks stylish and is incredibly thin that you can even put it in your shirt’s pocket.

5. The Power USB Cable

This USB cable has three connectors on its head. That way, you can use this cable to charge or connect your device with a microUSB B port, lighting port or a microUSB C port. This cable with flat design, is less likely to get entangled while keeping in your pocket or bag.

In this CAN Info-Tech 2017, Sammy Traders is coming with some offers and discounts. There’s a “buy one get one free” offer on every purchase of power cubes and USB cable. There’s a flat 20% discount on every purchase of Allocacoc AudioCube. DAX and LEVIT 8 will have discounted introductory prices that’ll be disclosed at the launch event.

Will you be going to this year’s CAN Info-Tech? If not, lets us know why in the comments.