Samsung firevase is a flower vase that doubles as a throwable fire extinguisher

samsung firevase throw fire extinguisher
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Fire can start anytime. Especially in the electricity driven environment, a short circuit can happen anytime and things can get on fire. At home, there are even higher chances because of the kitchens. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can extinguish the fire with the decorative stuff furnished in the houses and offices? Well, Samsung’s subsidiary company called the Cheil Worldwide came with a similar concept and designed the ‘Firevase’.

Firevase is actually a vase that can hold a flower and serves as a decorate material when kept in a room. But in case of the fire, you can throw it to a burning place to put out the blazing fire. The vase comes with a small compartment on the inside, which holds the flower. The outside chamber is filled with potassium carbonate, which cools down and suppresses oxygen when the vase is smashed. Most of us know that fire requires oxygen to get burning. In the absence of oxygen, fire extinguishes and the company used the same trick to put out the fire almost instantaneously.

This Firevase is getting success in Samsung’s homeland South Korea. The rule to have a fire extinguisher in a home has been mandatory since 2017. However, less than 60% of the population had one. But with the firevase coming into the limelight that population surged by a laudable 8%. Since this fire extinguisher doesn’t tarnish the décor of the house, the majority of the population has been attracted by the product.

Earlier reports suggested that the company produced 100,000 units of the firevases as a part of the publicity campaign. After the success of the campaign, Cheil Worldwide is now striving to produce 200,000 more units of the vases.

Although this dual purpose vase sounds whimsy, it could be lifesaving at times. But can it truly replace the traditional type of fire extinguishers? That’s yet to be seen.