Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

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    Looking same like a sports watch Samsung has introduced a Gear which makes life easier and helps connecting people with lots of ease. This device has opened a new chapter, a new direction and an existing world of possibilities. It is a engineering marvel and something that redefines tomorrow.

    The Samsung Galaxy Gear comes in six colors including vivid yellow and orange versions. With an aluminum face and a rubber wrist strap which is adjustable, it feels really comfortable much more premium. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has 1.63” super Amoled display with the resolution of 320 X 320 pixel. It has 800 MHz single core processor with 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal storage and 315 MaH battery. The strap has very delicately placed 1.9 MP camera and speakers is placed on the clasp used to lock the gear in the wrist.  On the left side of the watch (gear) there is button which is the home button / S-voice activator (this option is changeable) and followed below the home button there is a microphone.  Every part of the gear has been beautifully engineered.  The Galaxy gear is provided with a charging dock which has a micro USB charging port. The gear is connected using the latest Bluetooth technology 4.0. The gear is constructed with gyroscope and accelerometer so that the gear can respond to the gestures and moments of the user.


    With the intelligent camera placement in the gear it has made a whole lot easier for the user to capture moments and that just in a swipe touch. The placement of the speaker and microphone is positioned so arithmetically that it is the same as picking a virtual phone into  our ear. Samsung Gear takes around 90 min to fully charge and has the lifespan of 25 hours which is a kind of disappointing. The Bluetooth range is good, the user got around 150 meters before the Gear buzzes like an electronic tag to notify us that the Gear has gone too far from the phone.

    Here’s the Video review of the Samsung Galaxy gear :

    The Samsung Gear is totally controlled by the Samsung gear manager which is installed in the Samsung Galaxy Note III. At the time of writing this review, the Samsung Galaxy Gear is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but Samsung has promised to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 , Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note II (via software update) by the end of October.