Samsung Rumored to Integrate ‘Battery AI’ in Upcoming Galaxy S25 Series

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra rumors
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According to recent rumors, Samsung is planning to incorporate a new technology called “Battery AI” into its upcoming flagship smartphones, specifically the Galaxy S25, Galaxy S25+, and Galaxy S25 Ultra. In this article, let’s dive into discussing the fresh rumors of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra, including its rumored specifications and more.

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra Rumors Roundup

Extending Battery Life

The primary objective of Battery AI is to extend the longevity of the batteries in these devices by up to 10%. Unlike some Chinese competitors who increase battery capacity to achieve similar results, Samsung is rumored to be opting for the integration of AI technology into its batteries. 

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra rumored battery

Efficient Power Management

While the exact workings of Battery AI remain undisclosed, it is suggested that the technology will eliminate non-essential tasks to improve overall battery runtime without compromising the phone’s performance. Notably, Battery AI is expected to function without downclocking the CPU and GPU, which is seen as a positive aspect by many users.

Departure from Snapdragon Chipsets?

Samsung Exynos 2400 Deca-Core CPU

Additionally, rumors suggest that Samsung might exclusively use Exynos processors in the upcoming Galaxy S25 series, including the Galaxy S25 Ultra model. This might mean no more Snapdragon-powered Ultra phones from Samsung. While the upcoming Snapdragon 8 gen 4 chip is dropping in October, the question remains “ How will Samsung compete its Exynos chip with the Snapdragon flagship chip?”

Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: How about rest? 

Samsung has not yet provided further details regarding the specifics of Battery AI and its implementation. Neither the Korean company has hinted at any other specifications like cameras, features, and performance of the S25 ultra. 

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