Samsung may introduce blood sugar monitoring in Galaxy Watch 7

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Rumors
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Rumors have emerged online regarding Samsung’s potential entry into the non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology with its upcoming smartwatch releases. A recent report originating from South Korea hints at Samsung’s intention to equip its next-generation smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 7  with the capability to monitor users’ blood sugar levels. Let’s dive into this article to learn more about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, rumors, leaks, and launch date.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Rumors

Potential New Wearable

Recent discoveries in the Bluetooth SIG database unveil a new Samsung wearable bearing the model number SM-L305U. Analysis indicates that this device could be an LTE-enabled 40mm version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, likely tailored for the US market and might retain the Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity with other further enhancements. 

Blood Sugar Monitoring

Samsung Galaxy mointoring

According to the report, Hon Pak, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics and head of digital healthcare, convened with Samsung Health advisory board members at the company’s Medical Center in Seoul. The discussions purportedly centered on the development progress of blood sugar monitoring technology and its integration into wearable devices.


The Galaxy Watch 7 series is expected to feature a new Exynos W940 chipset, boasting purported efficiency gains of up to 50% compared to its predecessor, along with an expanded storage capacity of up to 32GB.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Launch date

Speculations suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch7 series is anticipated for debut on July 10, coinciding with the launch of other anticipated devices like the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Fold6, and Flip6. Stay tuned as we will bring more news in the upcoming months.

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