Sasto Deal Launches 2hrs Express Delivery Service

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    Sasto Deal, one of the largest e-commerce company in Nepal, has introduced Sasto Deal Express Delivery service in Nepal. If you have heard about the Amazon Express delivery, well, it is like that. What is new about this service? Well, let’s look at the features.


    According to Sasto Deal, you will get your package within 2 hrs of the order. However, this service is limited to customers inside ring road of Kathmandu valley. And, this “super-fast” delivery will cost you Rs. 150 extra (introductory rate they say!). Plus, the package should not be bigger than 2X2  size (too many limitations). But overall, a good initiation by Sasto Deal!

    So, if you have been staying away from the online market because you  are worried about not getting your package on time, well, you might want to try this new express delivery service by Sasto Deal. If you ask me, Rs. 150 delivery charge is a good deal because you will be saving your time (and Khaja and Transportation cost that would come if you visit offline stores). Well, I am definitely trying this service, are you?

    Finally, hope this move by Sasto Deal works as a spark for a new era of online shopping in Nepal.