Sastodeal brings New year’s Cell-A-Bration to start off the New Year

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Lucrative deals and schemes keep emerging in the market from time to time. And with the new year knocking at the door, we can only expect to have more deals to take advantage of. Talking about deals, Sastodeal has partnered with Cellpay to bring “SastoDeal New year’s Cell-A-Bration”. The campaign starts right from December 24 and will last till  January 2, 2020.

Under this scheme, one can avail up to 40% discounts on your first purchase order through the e-commerce site. The discounted amount will be deposited as loyal points in your Cellpay’s account. The maximum discount offered is 1000 Loyal Points. What we need to know is one loyal point equivalents to Re. 1 Nepalese Rupees. They will also be providing an extra 10% discount on checkout and free delivery service on a few selected brands. Nothing further has been said about this particular scheme.

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In case you are hearing about Cellpay for the first time, it is an e-payment system through which we can pay for our transactions online. In Nepal, the most popular means of paying online is through the available e-wallet system. Cellpay helps you pay directly from the bank without the intervention of any e-wallets. Since the money is going to stay in your bank account you’ll have better control of your money and you can avail advantages that the e-wallets deprive you of. But it isn’t free; you need to pay a nominal amount for the transaction fee depending upon the size of the transaction.

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In order to take advantage of this offer, you need to link your Cellpay account to your bank account. You can download Cellpay’s app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. You can link your bank account by going over to the Manage Account section of the app. For this, you need to have subscribed to mobile banking service and the details you enter must match with the record at Bank. Further details can be found on Cellpay’s website.