Quantum computer chip to power super powerful unhackable PCs revealed

    quantum computer
    Courtesy: Tony Melov
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    Scientists have revealed a silicon computer chipset which can assimilate quantum interactions. Researchers from the University of New South Wales are behind this feat clearing a way to create super powerful computers which will be able to perform calculations that can solve wide range of scientific problems such as climate change or even show the proper way to cure diseases like cancer.

    Dr Andrew Dzurak, member of the research team, said, “We often think of landing on the moon as humanity’s greatest technological marvel. But creating a microprocessor chip with a billion operating devices integrated together to work like a symphony – that you can carry in your pocket – is an astounding technical achievement, and one that’s revolutionised modern life.”

    “With quantum computing, we are on the verge of another technological leap that could be as deep and transformative. But a complete engineering design to realise this on a single chip has been elusive. I think what we have developed at UNSW now makes that possible.”

    According to the researchers, the chip will now help create millions of quantum bits and make a computer with computing speed million times faster than conventional computers. In short, it will be able to solve different issues in under a couple of days, an issue which today’s computer takes millions of years to complete.

    Dr Menno Veldhorst, who led the study, said, “Remarkable as they are, today’s computer chips cannot harness the quantum effects needed to solve the really important problems that quantum computers will. To solve problems that address major global challenges, it’s generally accepted we will need millions of qubits working in tandem.”

    “To do that, we will need to pack qubits together and integrate them, like we do with modern microprocessor chips. That’s what this new design aims to achieve.”