Smart license card coming to Nepal this month

    smart driving license
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    The government of Nepal is slowly moving into digital form. If you had gone to any governmental offices in recent days, you might have noticed website addresses written on notice boards. This is because you can also use services online rather than troubling yourself to visit there unnecessarily. Similarly, there are many other sectors where the government is stepping in a digital way. Some of them are: using MRP (Machine Readable Passport) instead of hand written passport, using digital panels on the side of the roads for sharing traffic rules and regulations, information on weather, and so on. Also, Sajha Bus has introduced smart card system in one of their buses (which is in a trial period now). Similar to the above mentioned, the government is also bringing a new form of smart card – a smart driver’s license card in Nepal.

    The government is changing the hand written license card into digital smart card from Mangsir 15, 2072 which will be effective at first only in Kathmandu. After 2 weeks of trial, the system will be used all over the country. Though the government had planned this system to bring into operation from Shrawan month, the planned failed due to the devastating earthquake that occurred in Baisakh and delayed to Mangsir. Government actually brought this system by taking loan of 15 crore rupees from Asian Development Bank.

    What is smart license card?

    It is the same license card that we normally use but in digital form. That is, the card will have a chip similar to that used in our SIM card, and the whole card looks like an ATM card. It also works like ATM card too, where the chip stores all the information required. The information includes your whole details, from your name to your address, the expiry date, the vehicle you are using, its number, the information of your bluebook, etc. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying your bluebook and license and worry about them to get damaged in rain.

    smart driving license
    smart driving license

    The only thing you need to make this card is to go to Department of Transport Management and fill your information, and take pictures similar to adding your name in voter’s list. You can also use online service to fill your information, but you need to be there for taking picture and provide digital signature (your own signature which will be scanned through laser).

    How does the card work?

    You will be provided with the smart card, which you should be carrying all the time with you while driving. The traffic police and the transport management officials will carry the smart card reader machine with them, and you can be asked any time to provide them your card if they have any doubts on you or if you happen to be in any checking. There will be no any excuse if you have done anything wrong because all the information will be displayed in the reader machine as soon as the card is inserted.

    smart driving license in Nepal
    smart driving license in Nepal to be introduced in Nepal in December

    This smart card system is hoped to control frauds and provide much smoother system in license handling. This will decrease your unnecessary visit to transport management office and wait for those irritating queues. The card will have 10 years of validity so you can use a single card for long period of time without any trouble.

    P.S. As a result of transferring data into this new system, the new software will result in disruption of the services in transportation management department for a week. Also, the digital cards are in limited quantities now so grab as quick as you can if you want to use this new card.