This Smart wallet interfaces with your phone and track thieves using GPS

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    Wallet seems to be outdated these days. Usually, normal wallets are unsecured yet they carry our identity cards, credit cards, and paper currency. In case your wallet is misplaced or lost, you lose all your documents and your money. A chunk of currency may not be a problem but reissuing the documents inside your wallet is a real headache. What if your wallet never gets missing?

    Previous smart wallets had Bluetooth tracker ranging within only 20 meters. But this new smart wallet arrives with a 512MB of RAM, built-in camera and a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    Designers at Indiegogo, an International crowd funding website have created a powerful smart wallet named Volterman that includes stunning features and an impressive design. It embraces every facet of a smartphone, except it does not have a display. The wallet comes with a built-in power bank that can charge your phone both wirelessly and with a cable. Besides, the wallet itself charges wirelessly by a leather charging pad. An external cable is available if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging. You can pair the wallet over a Bluetooth which notifies your phone through an app every time you leave the wallet behind. Also, the wallet acts as an alarm for your phone in case you leave the phone.

    The new smart wallet has a 3G connectivity for Wi-Fi hotspots, a GPS system that can track your wallet in real-time and secure you from thieves or any losses. It uses RFID protection if any malicious person tries to scan your wallet. RFID blocker encases your credit cards inside a material. These interrupt and blocks the external radio waves since credit cards use RFID chips that use radio waves to read the information from a tag.

    Above all, the most beguiling feature involved in the product is a 4MP built-in camera. Once you misplace your wallet and if anyone tries to steal it, the wallet will instinctively go into “lost mode”. The camera inside your wallet will capture a photo of anybody who will peek into your wallet and sends that picture to your phone. Though the camera is still optional and it is free of charge. The wallet comes in a cardholder, bi-fold or travel size and the power bank capacity ranges from 2000mAh to 5000mAh. The whole product is only 11mm thick and weighs less than 150grams.

    The specs also include Bluetooth 5.0 which supports only the Galaxy S8. Designers have set the shipping date of the product for December but it may or may not feature the above-listed specs inside the wallet. So if you’re willing to buy this product, the cardholder model is available at $98.