Top 5 Mobile Brands We like to See in Nepal

new smartphone brand in nepal 2017

Nepal has seen it’s fair share of growth in the smartphone industry. And with the ever growing industry, there are still some well-known brands that are still not officially present in Nepal. Here we will look at the 5 smartphone brands that aren’t currently officially available in Nepal.

Keep in mind that official availability is very important. The smartphone makers like HTC and Coolpad have just entered the Nepali market. This means that the smartphones from these makers will be officially available and they will be provided with an official warranty.


Motorola, also known as the makers of the first smartphone has had a very interesting past few years. Bought by Google for 12 billion and then sold to Lenovo for 2 billion. But still, haven’t forgotten to make good phones.

Motorola took the smartphone industry by storm when they released the Moto G. A budget phone with awesome specs. The same Moto G has reached its 4th generation. And their current flagship Moto Z have also stirred quite some interest with its modular capabilities.


Asus, a mostly known for their variety of laptops and high-end graphics cards also makes very good phones. They have some unique phones up their sleeves, like project tango supported phones.

They are soon to release Asus Zenfone AR which comes with the project Tango (Google’s new AR system). So now you can immerse yourself with both AR and VR. It also comes with a giant 8GB of RAM (world’s first) and a 23MP camera. Their flagship ZenFone 3 Deluxe also has a pretty awesome spec sheet with 6GB of RAM and top of the line Snapdragon 821.


Vivo is one of the top 5 smartphone brands in the world in terms of sales. They are a Chinese brand with some exciting features and prices.

Their best seller Vivo V5Plus is one of the first smartphones to feature a dual front facing 20MP/8MP camera with flash. This phone sports a Snapdragon 625 CPU with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage with Dual-Charging Engine technology. It is already available in China and India. Their Vivo Xplay6 is their flagship phone with a curved edge screen just like on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and respectable specs sheet.



We all know Nokia and their whole story. Their 14 years of success and then their sudden downfall due to their decision to choose Windows OS instead of Android OS. Then their acquisition by Microsoft. But all that was the past. Now the company is now independent again. Although they do not have their own manufacturing resources anymore, their agreement with HMD Global has created an opportunity for them to release a new phone again.

Their new phone the Nokia 6 runs on Android Nougat. It’s a 5.5-inch  1080p screen with a snapdragon 430 CPU, 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. The Nokia 6 is a mid-ranger priced at around $200 and has already caught a lot of attention. This new mid-ranger comeback phone from Nokia has been selling very fast that HDM Global cannot make enough units to fulfill all the demands.


Google is one of the most popular names in the tech industry. They own everything from Youtube to Maps to Nexus. And in the middle of all that is Android. They bought Android in 2005 and has made it what it is today. They used to produce Nexus devices which were in association with some other manufacturer. Nexus were the examples of how android was supposed to be. Now for the first time in 2016, they have made a smartphone with their own branding. Although manufactured by HTC, these pixel phones are produced by Google and they take full credit.

The new Pixel and Pixel XL are 2 very unique phones from Google. Google says it has the best camera in any smartphone. With top of the line specs and a battery that will last you one whole day of usage. Google’s first phones are some of the best flagship phones you can buy in the market. This is the smoothest Android phone you can buy and with Google’s guaranty of 2 years of the latest and first in line software updates these phones were a huge hit. The only downside was the design of the phone which most people still complain about.