Samsung remains top smartphone seller in 2016

Top smartphone seller 2016
Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

Samsung remained the top smartphone seller in 2016, according to Strategy Analytics. Shipping about 308.5 million phones. Apple came second with 215.5 million iPhones and Huawei with 137.9 million phones.

However, in terms of profit, Apple made a whopping $44.9 billion. Considering the smartphone industry made $53.7 billion in total, Apple took in about 80% of the total worldwide smartphone profits.Smartphone profit

Coming second was Samsung with $8.3 billion in profits which are 14.6% of the total share. Considering their Note 7 recall and the fact that they also sell cheap smartphones as well, this isn’t quite a shock.

Huawei’s total smartphone sales were divided between their Honor series selling 72.2 million units and their Ascend series selling 65.4 million.

Xiaomi, who sold about 65 million devices in 2015 managed only 45.4 million devices in 2016. Brands like Vivo and Oppo sold 59.3 million and 38.4 billion respectively. These two companies took in about 1.5% of the global profit.