Sony’s new WH-CH710N noise-canceling headphone has 35 hours of battery life for just $200

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Wireless headphones are the thing these days and Sony is doing a great job in bringing some of the best ones. Their prowess is such that they are giving the likes of Bose and company a run for their money. In WH-1000XM3, they have the industry’s finest noise-canceling headphone. And now they have come up with the new Sony WH-CH710N headphones. This device falls under Sony’s attempt to provide quality headphones with ANC at an affordable price. Thus it has debuted at a reasonable price. My hope now is that the price of Sony WH-CH710N in Nepal will be somewhere around what its global price is.


As per the company, the WH-CH710N can monitor your surrounding sounds. It uses the Dual Noise Sensor Technology to do so. As a result, the noise cancellation of the device is affected as per the need. The WH-CH710N has microphones that face both forward and backward. And this helps the device to switch to the appropriate ANC mode as per the surrounding. Now, this system seems somewhat similar to the one currently present in the WH-1000XM3. However, Sony has not yet clarified whether both the systems are the same or not.

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Another great feature that this device has is the ambient sound mode. Now, this is something that most noise-canceling headphones out there provide. Nevertheless, it is a great feature to have on the headphone. With this, you can hear “ambient” sounds such as birds, traffic and so without having to pause your music. However, you must be aware that hearing ambient sound is also affected by the type & volume of music you are playing.

Moreover, this device has a 30mm driver. It helps the WH-CH710N to reproduce pure, clear sound and a range of frequencies. The battery life also seems to be great. Reportedly it offers 35 hrs on a single charge. That’s five hours extra than their flagship WH-1000XM3. Also, there’s quick charge support, that charges the headphone in 10 mins and offers 1 hour of playback time. Other than that device has the NFC One-touch for instant music support and for activating your phone’s voice assistant.

Besides these, the company hasn’t disclosed the full specifications of the headphone. We’ll be sure to update it once Sony releases them.

Sony WH-CH710N Price in Nepal, Availability

As mentioned earlier, the device falls in Sony’s affordable noise-canceling headphones, thus, it will cost just $200 in the international market. And as for the availability, currently, you can pre-order the device.

With Nepal, however, the case is still a bit unclear. It may arrive around June, but we cannot guarantee that. The same is the case with the pricing of the device. I guess that the price of Sony WH-CH710N in Nepal should be around MRP. 30,000. However, considering what happened with WH-1000XM3, we cannot guarantee anything about the price either.

Model Name Price in Nepal (Expected) Availability (Expected)
Sony WH-CH710N NRs. 30,000 June– July 2020