The Light Phone: A phone to cure your phone addiction

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    Since smartphones happened, a lot has changed. After the advancement of technology, the human life has become easier and complex at the same time. We can do a day-long debate on whether the use of smartphones has made our life better or worse. Well, I’ve to admit I use my phone more than I have to. Actually, many of us do the same. We use our phone literally all the time. Many of us, start our day with the phone and end it with the same. Now, Smartphone addiction has become a real thing. At the time everyone’s seeking for a cure, a phone named The Light Phone claims to help us cure our phone addiction. Can a phone cure a phone addiction? Let’s find out.

    What is The Light Phone?

    It all started as a Kickstarter campaign that managed to get enough of backers and raised $415,127. That’s already more than the amount they pledged for, which happened to be $200,000. This startup was initiated by two guys namely, Joe Hollier and Kai Tang. Joe is an artist and Tang has good work experience on product designing and development.

    The light phone is “your phone away from phone”. At least, that’s what their facebook page says. Coming to what this credit-card sized phone offers, it can do two things and two things only. It can make a call and answer a call. That’s it. Sounds minimalistic, right? Well, that’s what this phone is for. The makers say this phone is designed to be used as little as possible. So, this is certainly not a phone for everyone. Looking at its Kickstarter community and facebook page visitors, there are people who are eagerly waiting for this phone to ship.

    This credit-sized phone comes in the color of Matte white and might come in black as well. This might be one of the lightest phones as it weighs only 38.5 gms. The phone sports dot-matrix display along with touchable 10 digits of a keypad. There’s an earpiece at the top and below is where the time and Caller ID will be displayed. It is powered by MediaTek 6250. Its battery life will be 20 days in standby. The phone accepts mini SIM Card that has to be from a carrier working on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz. Users can set up to 10-speed dial numbers. However,  English is the only language available in the interface. Plus, it has a microUSB port at the bottom for charging by the side of the microphone.


    If you’re making a mindset of getting one, let me tell you a fact that might make you re-think. It is nothing but the price. The Light phone costs you $150 + shipping and customs charges. Well, I would never buy a phone that is so overpriced and has so little to offer. If the best way of curing a phone addiction is by using a phone that delivers the tech of the 1990s, I would rather try using a bar phone. This phone is for those hobbyists who love trying new things regardless of how practical they are.