Uptrendly launches its platform to connect brands and influencers of Nepal

    Uptrendly platform helps influencers connect with brands for free products, sponsorships, paid campaigns, and more..

    uptrendly website
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    Social media influencers allow brands to build a relationship with consumers on social media platforms. Influencers not only drive audiences to your page by advertising to their following, but they also create word-of-mouth communication of your brand in comparison to direct advertising. They also have a unique perspective and aesthetic that sets each influencer apart.

    The art of marketing has always been about building trust. The target audience believes that what you’re selling to them can solve their problem. With so much competition out there, the brands with the most trust win. Because of the tremendous shifts in the media landscape caused by social media specifically, we’ve seen a new class of influencers pop up.

    The continued growth of influencer marketing is inevitable. The question is how companies will manage to find and collaborate with the relevant influencers. With tons of brands targeting the same audience, influencer marketing has now become extremely competitive. To address this concern, various platforms have been developed to connect brands with the right influencers. In similar attempts, Uptrendly has launched its platform to connect influencers/creators and brands.

    How Uptrendly Platform Works

    This platform is one of a kind in Nepal. Any influencer that meets the criteria of 5000 followers on Instagram can register for an influencer account. After getting verified, they get entered into Uptrendly’s searchable database and are, in turn, able to see any proposals from brands.

    Digital Marketing

    Similarly, brands too can register for an account on Uptrendly. It helps brands to promote their product through social media channels and run campaigns. Brands can also use it to gain detailed insights into an influencer that suits their product.

    Their website has a pretty straight forward navigation system. Right on the home page, you’ll find what you’re looking for. The signup page link for both brands and influencers is right at the top. And as you visit the link, you’ll be guided through the process. Finally, once your account gets verified, you can start collaborating.

    A major reason influencer marketing works is because influencers provide a human touch to the brand and can connect to their audience on a personal level. Consumers today are different. We skip ads. We ignore blatant promotions that come from large, faceless corporations. Instead, we want to hear from people.

    People want to see influencer content, that’s why they’re following them. They value their recommendations. As a result, influencers have been able to monetize those audiences and provide a brand-new channel for marketers to generate leads. I think this goes on to show that the Uptrendly platform can be the next big thing for influencer marketing in Nepal. Nevertheless, it does boil down to the product itself and how it is being promoted.

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