Vianet introduces the “Triple 20 Offer” as it enters its 20th year of service

Vianet Internet Triple 20 Offer 20mbps internet nettv 1000 rupees off
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Marketing campaigns from local ISPs have been kinda wild in recent times. They were (and still are) offering almost everything from TVs, smartphones, electric heaters, and even life insurance to persuade people to join their service. These crazy campaigns might have worked for them since a lot of people gave in to the idea of such extravagant offers. And with the country soaked in the vibe of the New Year, we have seen some subtle offers from ISPs, like the one Subisu is providing to its customer. Talking about offers, Vianet has also launched the new “Triple 20 Offer” for its internet services.

The task of choosing the perfect ISP isn’t as easy as it may seem. First of all, there are a lot of options to choose from. And the services they offer look all similar to an average Joe. So the ISPs try to attract potential customers through different schemes and campaigns.

Vianet Internet: Triple 20 Offer

We have bid goodbye to 2019. People have a large expectation with 2020 – largely because we will be celebrating the Visit Nepal 2020 as a nation. Talking about celebrations, you might have missed this but Vianet is also celebrating its 20 years in the business. That’s already two 20s and to add to that Vianet has launched a revamped 20Mbps internet plan.

Vianet 2020 Triple 20 Internet Offer

Under the Vianet Triple 20 offer, this entry-level plan is now available at Rs. 11,400 per year. The discounted price of the plan is complemented by free NETTV subscription, under which you can enjoy 250+ channels for free. Vianet has also discounted Rs 1,000 on installation charges. This offer will be available until January 14 only. The aforementioned prices are exclusive of 13% VAT.

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Crazy Campaigns? But Why?

Back in the time, the internet was something luxurious in Nepalese society. But today, it has become a basic necessity. Every individual and household is looking for a stable connection. That is where the marketing strategies come into play. So what do you think of the new offer from Vianet?

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