Deals: Vianet’s providing 15Mbps internet for just Rs. 1800 per month

    The Internet connection you choose can have a major impact on your productivity. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time to invest in thoroughly exploring all the options. As a result, we often wind up making a hasty, less than ideal choice. Everywhere you look Internet service providers are touting with their marketing schemes, and it’s easy to get confused by the various choices on offer.

    All of us are looking for the fastest internet option at a budget-friendly price, and we often overlook the features such as after-service support, installation fees, and reliability. If you are fed up with your current internet service provider, then now might be the best time to change it to Vianet as the company is offering 15Mbps internet speed for just Rs. 1800. That being said, you get 200GB of monthly volume package with a downfall speed of 640kbps after volume completion.

    This is a perfect deal even for heavy torrent downloaders out there as 200GB of monthly data should be more than enough. 200GB of data means you get to spend around 7GB on a daily basis which is ample in our opinion. Even if your data runs out, you will be greeted with 640kbps speed for the remaining days. If you want to save some bucks on installation and ONU device, we suggest you get the yearly plan since this scheme is deprived of installation fees and you get 50% off on ONU device.

    vianet 15mbps
    The recent package upgrade offers 2.5 times more data and 3 times faster internet with the same price as before.

    Talking about the competition, Worldlink is also providing 15Mbps internet speed for Rs. 1600, but you get less data at 150GB and fall back speed of 512kbps. Also, Vianet’s overall service makes it a clear winner. Moreover, the existing users who were paying Rs. 1800 per month will automatically be upgraded to this plan. For more info, click here.