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    Hey folks what’s up! As we all know that the year of the “doomsday” 2013 is finally coming to an end in a matter of few days. With Christmas gone, all the jollity and excitement of the year is coming to an end in few days. But though it was not a year that the world ended, I think this year remarks the doomsday of the smartphones as they got bigger, just got bigger!
    head_1Call me crazy but I am not so satisfied with the smartphones that came out this year. Frankly speaking tell me one new innovation: revolutionary and evolutionary thing that happened this year with the smartphones! Scratching you head right, i was too! YES! YES! YES! We have a 6-inch display device, we have cool tablets and of course we don’t need Password to open our phones! But hey, is that too groundbreaking? Not for me! I was expecting things, some serious things by the manufacturers this year but i got disappointed!

    You’re right i don’t call the “Blow to Unlock” or some gesturing features in the smartphones revolutionary. With all due respect to the manufacturers and technical people who put much effort to putting these features all together in a smartphone to make them even better or you may say User-friendly, I’d say that none of this is so “ground-breaking”. I don’t see the point how the feature of “pausing a video when you look away” is ground-breaking. I talk and see my friends’ faces while showing them a super-cool video, Oh wait! It just got paused!! BOOOOO!

    So, what do you want Bishwash, you might ask? I want things to be innovative. Things that would change the way you interact with smartphones. Change the way smartphones are or were. Change the way that smartphones interact with us. Maybe throw some flexibility, transparency or even some wearables. Except Google glass nothing was so extraordinary in the gadgets world this year. And I’d like to take this moment and appreciate Google Glass because I don’t know if it will be useful but it’s certainly exciting and innovative to use something like glass in a different way. That’s what I want to see.

    Hopefully my wishes will come true on 2014 or maybe I should have wished before Christmas (haha)! But hey, I was wishing all this year for something that would break my heart and I’d say, “Man, that’s something!”

    It should happen because I’m practically bored with smartphones just getting bigger and having minor upgrades in their hardware.

    Let me know what you think!