Why every phone should have a Shatterproof display like Droid Turbo 2

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While buying a smartphone users look for high-end  specs, camera performance, thinness, lightness, battery backup and other factors but durability is one area where we rarely put our attention into. There are also rarely few phones which are marketed as durable; having water and dust proofing with some new iteration of Gorilla Glass protection or with a huge ugly rugged case.

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But we haven’t seen any significant improvement on durability of phone with these features. Recently, Motorola launched the Droid Turbo 2 with the Moto ShatterSheild, which has raised the bars for durability in smartphones. It has by far the most durable screen.  They also released a video where they demonstrated the drop test of Droid Turbo 2 along with couple of other phones.

35506_1_htc_will_begin_replacing_some_shattered_phone_screens_for_freeThe main focus of durability is on the screen, as shattered screen is one of the major problem we face with our smartphones. And it’s not cheap to replace them. Technology like Moto ShatterShield could really be the solution for this problem.

Motorola ShatterShield

The Screen has 5 layers designed to absorb shock and uses flexible AMOLED display:

  1. Exterior Protective Lensa protective layer with a proprietary hardcoat designed to guard against dents and abrasion.
  2. Interior Lenshighly transparent layer that provides a clear protective shield that won’t crack or shatter.
  3. Dual Touch Layerin the event of an impact that damages the primary touch-sensitive layer, a second layer takes over to maintain touchscreen performance.
  4. AMOLED Displayflexible display that absorbs shock and provides amazing picture quality.
  5. Aluminum Chassisa rigid aluminum chassis provides structural integrity and durability.

As mentioned above it has dual touch screen so in case one shatters another will be completely usable. Besides the protection, it packages great hardware specifications.


  • 5.4 inches AMOLED 2K display
  • 9.2 x 78 x 149.8mm
  • 169 grams
  • Snapdragon 810 processor clocked at 2.0GHz
  • 5MP front camera+ 21MP rear camera with dual LED flash
  • Two variants 3GB RAM + 32GB/64GB ROM
  • Android 5.1
  • 3760mAh battery capacity with Turbo Charge.

So, this is the mark made by Motorola with the start of new generation of durable smartphones. It seems like our nightmares of shattered screen will be finally over.