Will we have LTE in Nepal any soon?

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    LTE (Long Term Evolution) is a common phrase these days when it comes to band support from phone manufacturers. As much as you’d like to know, LTE, in simpler words, is a wireless communication standard for mobile devices which is of course faster than the 3G network or UMTS as we know it. LTE in Nepal is not an impossibility, it’s just a matter of time. Also, if you are well aware, you might as well know that NTC has already launched Wi-MAX which is a LTE competitive network for data transfer. So, we have 4G-Wi-MAX as of now but not the 4G network for our SIM cards. Will we have one? Any sooner? Let’s dig deep!


    LTE in Nepal, might not be a necessity as of now but we’ll soon be left scratching our heads when top-tier manufacturers start having LTE in every phones. Even as of now, high-end phones are all packed with LTE. So basically, its like the feature is there but you wont be able to use it simply because our carriers don’t support LTE!

    Having an LTE means having wireless speeds upto 300 Mbps (download) and upto 75 Mbps (upload). I know that’s too much but “too-much” is what makes LTE a choice abroad. With a perfect combo of modern-era internet usage and portability, LTE is a thing to opt now, if not any sooner!


    LTE was first brought up by NTT Docomo from Japan in 2004 but its commercialization began in 2005. The first public LTE Service was by Telia Sonera in Oslo (yep! that’s the company behind Ncell!). As per the stats from Global mobile Suppliers’ Association (GSA) 331 LTE Networks have been commercially launched in 112 countries and the map shows the countries which have LTE.

    It further confirms that new operators and countries are thinking of deploying LTE services and the list includes Nepal too.


    So, basically, there’s some ground as to the availability of LTE in Nepal. From insider news, we’ve come to know that NTC will bring 4G  LTE network by 2015. The announcement can be anytime soon in the first quarter to third-quarter. Moreover, Huawei, the leaders in providing and assisting Ncell and NTC with hardware and other technical departments have launched Honor 6 LTE model in Nepal, which could also be a strong hint. Since there is none better to know about the LTE operation than its hardware providers, we think LTE should soon launch in Nepal.

    So that’s all for now, and umm yeah, most of you have seen that 4G sign already on your device, right? Well don’t get crazy, HSDPA+ networks (preferably 3.5G) are also quoted “4G” so that’s what being displayed!

    For true LTE experience, we have to wait…but how long, not much, i guess!Have anything to add to this story? Leave in the comments below!

    Have anything to add to this story? Leave in the comments below!