Windows 10 on a Fridge! LG Unveiled Instaview Fridge at IFA 2016

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Samsung unveiled a smart fridge earlier this year at CES. But now LG has gone a step ahead as it revealed a fridge with Windows 10 on it at IFA. This means we can even launch windows apps in its 29-inch translucent screen. LG has even developed its own apps so that we can stick notes to the fridge, set a timer, add recipes and healthy information about meals, or simply mark food which we can see through the translucent display. Amazingly it has an Intel Atom processor and 2GB of RAM.  We can even install apps from the Windows Store, play music, check weather etc. And we can use Cortana for voice control and Cortana is ready to help as always.


The pricing and release information of this smart fridge is not revealed yet. And everyone is thinking it’s super ridiculous to have Windows 10 on a fridge.

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