Windows 8.1 Update set to bring back the Classic Start Menu!

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    While announcing different awesome things like Windows Phone 8.1 and a “new” update to Windows 8.1, Microsoft has somehow managed to tease the developers with this: A Classic Start Menu in Windows’ latest iteration of update.


    Coming to Windows 8.1 in a future update, it has the look of the Start Menu Windows users have experienced for years, but adds the Live Tiles that has been the part of Microsoft products quite a while now! There are no details as to when this update shall arrive for now.

    Terry Myerson- Microsoft’s Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, made the announcement as part of an example of how universal Windows apps will be able to run in a window (and on Xbox), although users craving something familiar will probably just be happy to see their old Start Menu again.

    Terry Myerson: 

    Finally, I previewed some work we are doing for the next iteration of Windows, which builds on the journey we began with Windows 8 just over a year ago as well as the releases we’ve done since then. In particular, I showed some early thinking on how the user experience in Windows will evolve in a way that will help developers’ apps make their way to users across devices and form factors.

    We set out to do this is a thoughtful way – one where we could enable more productivity for customers working in desktop mode, while building smart bridges to the new modern user experience and ensuring customers can get access to all your great apps in the Windows Store no matter where they are in the experience, or which device type they’re on.

    As I said today, these are glimpses of our roadmap, with a particular focus on the parts of our roadmap that are most relevant to our developer partners. We’ll continue to invest in these and many other areas to build a great platform and experiences for developers, customers and partners and you’ll hear more from us when this work is closer to being ready to ship out to the world.

    So, is it a YAY or NAY to this addition?? Let us know!