Xiaomi launches 7 new accessories in Nepal

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Honor X9b Ad

This year has been exciting. New films, gadgets, technology has surfaced in the market. In this release-o-mania, Xiaomi also has participated. As we all know Xiaomi, being a Chinese smartphone company has always put the reasonable price for its awesome products with spectacular features. This time also it has hit the market with exciting 8 news products. Here we at gadgetbytenepal.com list out the products with their specifications:

Mi Capsule Earphone

It comes with comfortable capsule design, hypoallergenic Silicone ear buds, Spiral damping system. It’s simple and minimal design lets you enjoy your music. It has been curved at 45⁰ for better fitting. It is so well designed that it never falls out from your ear irrespective of whatever you are doing. The 7mm dynamic driver unit produces powerful bass making it lightweight. It comes with volume control buttons and an in-built mic. The inner cables are wrapped in Kevlar fibers which give robustness, reduces tangles which enhance its durability. The price of Mi Capsule Earphone is NRs. 1,899.


Mi USB Fan

Xiaomi has launched a mini, portable, USB powered, Silicone composed fan. It is lightweight and can be disassembled for taking it on-the-go. It has standard USB port which can be paired with Mi Power Banks, laptops, desktop and even the mobiles using OTG cable. It is super quiet. Its ultra low power consumption makes it the choice of every individual. Its silicon composed body makes it safe for children and also provides flexibility for twist-n-turn in any direction. The price of Mi USB Fan in Nepal is NRs. 549.


Mi Selfie Stick

Either you are alone or with friend/s, a great selfie requires a good selfie stick. Xiaomi brings Selfie Stick for fulfilling your desire. It is made of Stainless Steel and Silicone which makes it lightweight(approx. 150 gms) and robust. It is highly portable due to its folding capabilities(minimum 18 cm and maximum 72 cm). It is paired with Bluetooth of your phone. The handle is made up of anti-slip silicone for comfortable and firm grip. The phone holder can be adjusted upto 180 degrees for best shots. The capture button is embedded in the handle for hassle-free selfies. The price of Mi Selfie Stick is NRs. 1,499.


Mi LED Light Prime

Nepali markets are occupied by the variety of LED light. In this situation, Xiaomi has also launched its new product Mi LED Light Prime. Mi LED Light Prime is a small and portable LED Light with the flexible body which can be rotated in any direction. It has 5 adjustable brightness level which can be toggled by pressing the switch provided at its base. It can be operated similarly as the Mi USB Fan. The price of Mi LED Light Prime is NRs. 799.


Mi VR Play

VR (Virtual Reality) is the most promising technology we have seen so far. Different companies are launching their VR Headset in the market. Among them, Xiaomi’s Mi VR Play has some unique features. It is composed of lightweight Lycra (nylon + spandex) which is durable as well as comfortable to wear. It has phone compartment which firmly holds the compatible phone sizes (ranging from 4.7″-5.7″). The phone is adjusted using the Dual Front Openings and the Anti-slip strips made of rubber are used as guides for positioning the phone. It has a two-way zip at the phone compartment. The Anti-reflective Lens provides crisp and clear view without hurting the eyes. It is so designed to provide border-less experiences. The price of Mi VR Play in Nepal is NRs. 1,999.


Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 is the advanced edition of the Mi Band. It is composed of an anti-allergic material which gives snug and irritation free fit. It has power-efficient OLED(Organic Light-emitting Diode) Display and sensors. It has a single touch button to display the step count. Band 2 can use to monitor heartbeat, steps and sleep pattern. It is also used for notification alerts for calls and messages. It can be paired by Bluetooth 4.0. The improved pedometer algorithm efficiently detects the unnecessary movement and steps. The Band 2 is tough in any condition. It is IP67 splash resistant and resistant to scratches and fingerprints. The battery is powerful which runs continuous 20 days on a single charge. The price of Mi band 2 in Nepal is Rs. 4,499.

Xiaomi miband 2

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

Made from aerospace grade metal, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro is the best one I have seen so far in the market. It has unique Hybrid Dynamic + Balanced armature driver which delivers the richest quality of the music. It gives you the experience you had never before. The wires are durable as they are wrapped around with Kevlar fiber. The ear buds are angular in shape which gives the best fit as well as comfort. It has been designed using the latest technology and tuned by 4-times Best Tunning Grammy’s Award winner. The price of Mi In-ear Headphones Pro in Nepal is NRs. 3,299.


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