Xiaomi follows suit: World’s second under-display camera!

xiaomi under display camera
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Honor X9b Ad

So, Oppo became the first to showcase an under-display camera technology on their phones. And promptly, right after that, a few hours later…Xiaomi thought it wasn’t going to keep their’ secret anymore. So, they took to Twitter and released a small clip of an under-display camera too!

The video came from Xiaomi’s Director of product management, which shows a Xiaomi Mi 9 Prototype with the under-display camera technology. Of course, they didn’t reveal any other information regarding it, except for a few general ideas.

The company claims they’re patenting their technology. It is only plausible, of course, since they say they found a way to make the display transparent without reflecting light in any way. Even when the screen is completely turned off when the light diodes are completely black, the selfie shooter won’t be visible. That’s a pretty neat implementation.

In addition, the company claims they can put up to a 20 MP selfie camera under the panel. And for this, they can only use OLED panels, as LCDs apparently have some limitations which don’t provide as good of viewing experience as OLED panels.

Other than this, there’s no other info whatsoever. No release dates, and no telling which phone will sport it first. Of course, expectations suggest it will come out on the next Xiaomi Mi Mix, as the Mi Mix phones tend to showcase interesting features.

What do you think of this kind of implementation? Yay OR Nay? Are are you fine with good old bezels? Do let us know.