Yota Phone 3 with Dual Display Scheduled for 2017

    Yotaphone 3 comes with an E-ink display on its back which can be used for reading e-books or view important calendar events and notifications.

    Yotaphone 3
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    It’s already been 2 years since the launch of the Yota Phone 2. After such interlude, we expected few innovative changes with the new iteration of the phone. But based on a recent event by Yota, it suggests not much has been changed about the phone despite the usual spec upgrade. For those unaware, Yotaphone is a Russian manufactured phone that comes with a secondary Always On E-ink display on the back and the usual primary display on the front.

    The first Yotaphone was launched back in 2012 where the secondary display didn’t make much impact on the market. But now, at the time where people are thriving for innovation on their smartphone, this could be the perfect time for the launch of a new Yotaphone. The secondary energy efficient E-ink display is basically meant for notification and ebook reading but you can use it as a normal display for navigating and the opening of apps. As an e-ink display, it’s going to be incredibly slow if you intend to do anything except read e-books or check time and weather, as they have a very low refresh rate.

    yotaphone 3 eink

    Talking about the hardware composition, Yotaphone 3 will come with a 5.5-inch Full HD AMOLED display and a smaller 5.2-inch E-ink display on the back. It will be powered by Snapdragon 625 chipset and will sport 4GB of RAM. It will opt USB C port for charging and data syncing. Optics wise, Yotaphone 3 will have a 12MP rear camera and 13MP front facing camera. It will be backed up by a decent 3200mAh battery.

     The base model with 64GB internal storage will be priced at $350 and a 128GB model at $450. Yotaphone 3 will start selling from September inside China and we cannot expect the international launch of the phone outside China.