Zepp OS 4 update for Amazfit smartwatches with GPT-4o integration is here

Zepp os 4 update
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Amazfit has released the Zepp OS 4 update for its smartwatches. This update brings new features and improvements to various models, including the Cheetah, Balance, Active, Falcon, and T-Rex Ultra. Learn more about the latest Amazfit Zepp OS 4 update in this article.

Zepp OS 4 Overview

Integration with GPT-4o

The Zepp OS 4 update integrates OpenAI’s GPT-4o technology, providing safer and more useful responses. This integration allows Amazfit smartwatches to serve as comprehensive wellness companions. This update features an upgraded Zepp Flow, which uses GPT-4o technology for natural language interactions. Users can control their devices through voice commands, reply to messages from Android apps like WhatsApp, and initiate Bluetooth calls without physical touch.

The update enables Zepp Flow to respond in spoken English and German. By late July, it will support French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese, enhancing the user experience across various languages.

Bluetooth and Messaging Integration

Sonos speaker Zepp

Zepp OS 4 includes advanced Bluetooth capabilities, allowing users to control compatible devices such as Sonos speakers, Garmin cycling meters, and DJI action cameras with their Amazfit smartwatches.

Mini Apps and Fitness Solutions

Zepp OS Update

The update introduces a range of mini-apps for health and fitness enthusiasts. A notable addition is the Workout Extension mini app, available in the app store for devices like the Cheetah series, Falcon, and T-Rex Ultra Moving on, the update also introduces a Night Display feature, similar to the one on the Apple Watch Ultra. This feature aims to improve the user experience during nighttime.

Continuous Development

Amazfit Active and Amazfit Balance are the first smartwatches to receive the Zepp OS 4 update. Since its launch, Amazfit Active has received six upgrades, adding over 30 new features, while Amazfit Balance has gained over 50 new features within 10 months.

Zepp OS 4 Availability

This update is available for devices running on version 3.5. Some of Amazfit’s affordable models are also eligible for this update. For more details on the the latest software update and its features, you can visit the official Amazfit website.

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