ZTE aims to be top 3 Smartphone brand in Nepal by 2018.

Honor X9b Ad
Honor X9b Ad

ZTE is a global leader in telecommunication. We know ZTE as a brand for its electronic devices, but what ZTE really excels at is providing telecommunication services. And ZTE has been doing so since 2001 in Nepal and has been Cooperating with NTC and Ncell to build up their telecommunication services. But it is this year that ZTE has entered the Nepali market to sell its product and what good way is there than to start off with smartphones!  ZTE launched its first product three months back: Blade Series of smartphones.

Little did we know that ZTE has been making phones since 1990 but sold them as service mostly to business firms and business peoples. Now that the smartphone outburst has been global, ZTE shifted its business model to directly sell to general consumers. The Axon series is the most successful series from ZTE and the recent ZTE Axon 7 even won the 2016 IFA Product Technical Innovation award and is getting launched in Nepal next month. We already dropped our review on the ZTE Axon Elite and ZTE Axon Mini Premium, which were great devices for the price.

ZTE’s China sale director Mr.Liu Shuqinq told that by the end of 2018, ZTE will be one of the top three smartphone brands in Nepal. They aim to do so by having the highest sales and giving the best service and quality products, which is a pretty good outlook. He also addressed that the pricing of the phones will always remain affordable. ZTE aims to make awesome hardware and sell it at an affordable price and the same business models have been adopted by many Chinese smartphone brands in Nepal like, Xiaomi, Oppo, Zoppo and much more. ZTE has sold 90 million smartphones in 2015/16 which is a pretty good number for a newcomer.

The ZTE products have a unique touch in all of them, and they always try to pack something extra on their devices. But will that be sufficient to take over the Nepali market where the ever dominant Samsung has 55-60% market share, Huawei with 10-15% and Gionee with 7 to 10%. These brands are already working hard to keep their crown intact with better services and products. In such a tough market, Will ZTE be able to penetrate the Nepali market? Only time will tell, but for now let’s keep our eyes open for the ZTE Axon 7.