Anchor App : The Gateway to your Audio Entertainment?

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Anchor is basically a podcast app but with a twist. It works as an online radio app where anyone can download this app, login and start broadcasting their audio to the internet. Like you get channels on YouTube, you get a station where you can post your audios. People can follow your channel and you too can follow other channels that you like to listen to. The audio keeps on auto-playing so that the radio doesn’t stop until you need it to stop.

How does this app broadcast our voice to the internet?

First, you directly record your audio to your station by pressing the record button and the holding the phone like you do when you take a phone. You can record two minutes of audio, then broadcast it to the world through the app. The Anchor app also lets you add background track to your recorded voice audio. There are options to add music directly from Spotify and Apple music too. Like a fully functioning radio station, you can play interludes to perform transition to set the tone of your station. Listeners can submit audio to be played on your station. However, the most exciting feature of the app is the ability to interview a person using the phone which the app records and then broadcasts to the internet.

Is it hard to use this app?

No, it’s not! Downloading and logging in is very simple. As this is an audio app, you’re are greeted with a warm voice that guides you along the way until you’re completely setup. After setting it up, you can either search for your favorite station and listen to the content or you can create audio content as soon as the tutorial is over.


A number of dedicated stations are also going live on Anchor such as This Amazing Earth, Daily Tech Headline, The Verge, Let Me Google That, which are very fun and educative stations that broaden your knowledge about the world. Anchor is free for iOS and Android. It can be a helpful means to get your daily world information when you are on the go.

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