Android Bulk SMS: Save money by using your own phone and network provider

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    If you are a local small business or even a freelancer who can’t fund a big advertisement campaign, an SMS campaign can be a great alternative to reach out to a wide audience of potential customers. However, the service itself is a little expensive in the Nepalese market. To improve the situation and to add other options for the customers, HuluHive Technology has announced an application called Android Bulk SMS. Find out the kind of services the Android Bulk SMS provides and the price associated to determine if it is the one for you.

    Android Bulk SMS Overview

    Android Bulk SMS is a web-based application that intends to help growing businesses and freelancers with SMS marketing. It is a product of HuluHive Technology Pvt. Ltd. The company is co-founded by Buddha Man Nepali, Nabin KC, and Sandesh KC.

    The app provides a platform where users can buy data packages from different network providers and use them to send bulk SMS to their customers themselves. By default, Android Bulk SMS sorts contact numbers of customers based on the network providers and use the same network provider to send SMS. However, users can also manually choose one. The SMS are sent through mobile phones utilizing SMS packages provided by network providers.

    How does this work?

    In the present context, if one has to send bulk SMS s/he has to get it done through the SMS providers. SMS service providers deal with network providers. The process is expensive as both parties have to make money. With the Android Bulk SMS app, users can send bulk SMS using their own phone and SMS packages provided by network providers (bought separately).

    By eliminating the SMS service providers from the process, the company claims that the customers will be able to send SMS for a price as low as Rs. 0.0085. You can take a look at the table given below to know about the cost involved per 15,000 SMS.

    Network Provider Network Charge App Charge Total Expected Saving
    Smart to Smart Rs. 127.7 Rs. 350 Rs. 477.7 96.9%
    Ncell to Ncell Rs. 363.9 Rs. 350 Rs. 713.9 95.7%
    NTC to NTC Rs. 3,000 Rs. 350 Rs. 3,350 81.6%
    Smart to All Rs. 9,609 Rs. 350 Rs. 9,959 46.4%

    Android Bulk SMS: Plans and Pricing

    To enjoy the services, you will have to register for the app first. Once registered, users can buy SMS packages from different network providers. As of now, this process has to be completed outside of the app but the company says a feature to let users buy SMS packages within the app is coming soon. Android Bulk SMS offers three different plans for users to choose the best fit for them.

    • Freemium Plan: Under the free plan, users can send up to 100 SMS using one SMS device. Users can create and maintain unlimited contacts but only four contact groups using CSV and Excel files.
    • Business Plan: One can subscribe to the Business plan for Rs. 150 or 7500 in-app credit points. Under the business plan, users can register two SMS devices and send up to 5,000 SMS. It facilitates the creation and maintenance of unlimited contacts and contact groups. The company will also provide online and offline support from 9 am to 5 pm.
    • Enterprise Plan: The premium plan is targeted towards medium and large businesses. For Rs. 250 or 12500 in-app credit points, users can register up to 3 SMS devices and send up to 10,000 SMS. Additionally, the company is also providing 24/7 online and offline support.

    Features and Benefits

    • Automatic Follow-up SMS: If the SMS contains simple questions like the ones that can be answered using Yes or No, the app can follow-up to the recipient response using pre-determined SMS. The company claims that it can help local businesses increase their sales.
    • OTP Verifications: The app also offers OTP verification to growing startups and businesses.
    • Referral Offer: The company is also planning on introducing a referral offer.  

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