Apple patents a new iMac design with a single curved glass body!

Apple iMac new design
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The iMac line of all-in-one desktop computers that debuted in 1998 is significant for many reasons. It was the first time that Apple adopted the ‘i’ suffix in its product. Since then, the ‘i’ suffix has made its way to almost every Apple product ranging from hardware to software. Even though the suffix represents the internet, individuality, and innovation, the design of the iMac has remained somehow the same over the last decade. But that seems to change now with the new Apple iMac design. The latest patent from the company reveals that the future Apple iMac could come with a single curved glass design.

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New Apple iMac Design Patent

The patent titled “Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member” filed by Apple Inc. back in May 2019 is gathering attention since it was first spotted by Patently Apple. The patent reveals Apple’s new design for iMac. The future iMac devices will come with a single curved glass surface with a support system at the back.

Talking about the curved glass design, the glass sheet will have three distinct areas – a display area, an input area, and a transition portion that joins the two areas. There is also a system supporting the single glass configuration.

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Further design details

Patents reveal that the upper glass surface will be coupled with an OLED screen that is configured to provide an output at the screen. It forms the display area of the device. The input area at the lower end of the glass will come with a keyboard and a touchpad integrated into it. The support system also accommodates the CPU of the device.

The patent also reveals some interesting features of the design. The keyboard on the device is detachable. You will also be able to fold the input area in case you want to carry the device around with you.

The Glass

The glass or the housing material as referenced in the patent file will be made with materials that are transparent, coated, painted, or otherwise treated to produce a non-transparent component. A translucent component may also be formed by producing a textured or frosted surface on an otherwise transparent material.

Though Apple might not implement the design right away, it looks to integrate it into future iMacs. There is nothing wrong with the present design but I must admit that the new curved design for the Apple iMac does sound interesting. We are certainly looking forward to it.

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