Apple Intelligence: Free features now, subscription model later

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In a very short time, AI has secured a good position in the tech market. After Google and Samsung, Apple, the California-based tech giant, is here with its own AI (Apple Intelligence). Let’s know more.

Features of Apple Intelligence (AI)

Apple Intelligence will feature AI-powered Siri, integrated writing tools, and the creative Image Playground for generating images. Initially, these features will be available for free on compatible devices. However, a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman suggests that Apple might shift to a subscription model in the future. The potential introduction of a premium tier named “Apple Intelligence+,” would offer exclusive AI features for a monthly fee, like other Apple services like iCloud and Apple Music.

This is one of the strategies of Apple to focus on and improve the software side of things between slowing hardware sales. The contributing factors for the idea include slower device upgrade cycles, less noticeable hardware innovations, and increased device durability. Apple has collaborated with OpenAI for this change that involves revenue-sharing from AI subscription services. This shows its commitment to AI for future revenue growth. Additionally, the Private Cloud Compute feature will extend AI ability to its older devices using Apple’s cloud servers.

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The initial display of Apple Intelligence is expected on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Industry observers are looking forward to advancing AI-driven development that could change how users interact with their devices.

Is the hype worth it?

Apple integrating Apple Intelligence can be good news for the tech industry alike. We might see more companies adopting AI into their products and services for an enriched user experience. However, the technique of offering cost-free features initially and eventually shifting to a subscription-based model might distance users who can only afford free service. Additionally, there’s the risk that the focus on software and revenue increment might overshadow the development of new hardware innovations, which could disappoint users looking for the next big breakthrough in Apple’s product lineup.

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