Apple launched its new iPad with an affordable price and Apple Pencil Support

ipad 9.7 2018 price in nepal
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Apple is known for being a high-end brand in the tech field. It produces varieties of gadgets and iPad is one of Apple’s most prized possessions. Apple has recently launched the successor of its cheapest iPad 2017 with the iPad 2018.

The new iPad is no different from the previous ones from the outlook perspective. It stands 9.7-inch tall and this times supports Apple pencil. The most part is similar except for some alterations in hardware to enable tilt and pressure recognition.

Apple has targeted the students with the new release. This might be a competitor for the very popular Google’s Chromebook.

Last year’s iPad was powered by A9 chipset whereas it is an upgrade in the new iPad as it is powered by A10 chipset. Even though it is an upgrade from the older version, it still stays stale with A11 already available in other gadgets.

new ipad 9.7

The pencil stylus part makes it more education-friendly that it is easier to draw and write with the help of Apple pencil. But, Apple pencil does not come with the package.
Apple has increased the cloud storage to 200GB from 5GB. That’s quite an increment and for feasible for students as well.

Timothy D Cook, Apple’s CEO said,“Our place at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts makes it possible for us to create powerful products and tools that amplify learning and creativity.” Creativity and learning added together is definitely a strong blend.

The new software was also introduced which helps teachers to keep track of the assignments and improvements. The academics part is essential when the schools are being targeted. This new iPad also comes with the software that helps students learn musical instruments, art, videography and photography skills. This makes the iPad more interesting.

iPad 2018 Pricing

Apple seems to have understood the marketplace for lower-end gadgets when it comes to schools. This time, the iPad comes at affordable price i.e. $299 (32GB) for schools. While the actual starting price for it is $329 and the price increases with the larger memory variants. Apple Pencil is available for purchase separately for $99.

This portrays how Apple is once again keen on getting back its top position on sales and even more so with the development of student and teacher-friendly software along with discounts in the prices. Are schools ready to try the iPad once again? We will figure out in the days to come.