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Alleged video of the iPhone 9 raises question about what we thought of the device

iPhone SE
iPhone SE

Apple launched the iPhone SE back in 2016. While it came with a borrowed look of previous iPhones, it did come with updated hardware and price was never expected from a freshly released iPhone. People expected Apple to come with its successor but that is something which hasn’t happened yet. However, we might be closer to witness iPhone SE2 or iPhone 9 which is expected to launch this year. Amidst all the speculation, a video has emerged showcasing what is thought to be the iPhone 9.

Alleged iPhone 9 video

All of the recent talks about the iPhone 9 is because of a video posted by Stefan Constantine. The video looks to be recorded using the TikTok app. The phone does look different to both the recent iPhone models and what we initially thought of the device (more on it later).

iPhone 9 leaked video

Designwise, the phone looks like a hybrid between iPhone 4 and iPhone 8. Unlike the latest iPhone trends, the alleged iPhone 9 looks to come with flat edges and a Touch ID Home button. One can also notice thick bezels at the top and bottom of the screen. The back of the device looks to be made of glass. It also features a single camera on the back. The phone also seems to be lacking the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Fake or Real?

We are a bit skeptical about the authenticity of the video as it doesn’t completely align with the earlier rumors and leaks. Back in January, OnLeaks shared some renders though to be of the upcoming iPhone 9. In case you haven’t heard of him, he is one of the reliable leakster and we mustn’t forget how he accurately predicted the iPhone 11 Pro about 9 months before Apple made the device official. Though both of the leaks share some common traits, we don’t know which one to trust as differences in both are also noticeable.

iPhone 9 renders by OnLeaks

OnLeaks predicted the iPhone 9 to come with curved edges whereas the device in the video comes with a flat edge. Also, the device on the video comes with an iPhone branding on the back below the Apple logo. If you can remember, Apple ditched the branding in its latest iPhone 11. The renders from the OnLeaks didn’t have the branding either. However, the thick bezels and the single-camera setup from both the leaks look identical. The color of the device on the video reminds us of the green color that iPhone 11 was available in.

Is it just a case?

A report from MacRumors suggests that the device on the video could just be an iPhone but inside a custom case. These cases are available in the market for people who want to give a new make-over to their older iPhone. However, we can’t really confirm the actual case. For now, these all are possibilities and nothing more.

iPhone 9 Rumored Specs

Like the iPhone SE, the iPhone 9 is said to be a mix of older iPhone form factor and modern hardware. It will likely come with a 4.7-inch display with bezels at both the top and bottom of the screen and a Touch ID Home Button. Under the hood, it will be powered by the A13 Bionic processor to compete against Android devices at its price range. It is the same processor included in the iPhone 11 series. It will probably come with a Liquid Crystal Polymer antenna (LCP antenna) for better network connectivity. Following the latest trends of the iPhone, it will most likely come without the 3.5mm headphone jack.

iPhone 9 Launch and Pricing

iPhone 9 will carry forward the legacy of the iPhone SE. It will be an affordable alternative to the present lineup of available iPhones. The phone is expected to start at $399 (~NPR 46,000). Apple will probably make the device official next month. However, it could be delayed as we expect manufacturing to be affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

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