Apple seeks to introduce a new battery tech within 2025

Apple's New Battery Tech
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The battery life of some Apple devices has always been a contentious topic. And although newer devices like the iPhone 15 Pro Max boast excellent battery life, Apple thinks it can still be improved. As such, they seem to be working on new tech to further better the battery life. In this article, we will discuss more about Apple’s plans for a new battery technology.

Apple’s New Battery Tech

Apple has a complex supply chain that includes partnerships with various companies, including battery manufacturers, to produce the components needed for its devices. While Apple designs and develops its custom batteries for its devices, it does rely on a combination of in-house manufacturing and outsourcing to meet the demand for its products.

Apple's Battery

From CATL, LG Chem, and Samsung SDI, the tech giant relies on numerous other manufacturers for its cutting-edge battery technology. But according to reports from ‘ET News’, Apple is reportedly working on in-house development of a custom cell design

Rumored Battery Composition and Features

The tech giant is expected to be involved in producing this alleged “next-gen battery technology”. The new Apple battery will have various newer materials that would enhance its performance in charging and increase its storage capacities. While also maintaining a longer battery life.

Materials to be used

Reportedly, Apple is considering the adoption of a new composition for the cathode materials. Primarily comprised of nickel, cobalt, manganese, and aluminum and incorporating carbon nanotubes (CNTs) as a conductive material. These potential changes hold the promise of enhancing performance in comparison to the battery components currently employed by the company.

Carbon nantubes

In addition, Apple is actively exploring alternative materials for the anode component used in its cells. Apple might use silicon in its battery composition instead of graphite, despite silicon’s known predisposition to expand during charging and discharging cycles. Nevertheless, the company has reportedly made strides in addressing and mitigating the expansion issue associated with silicon anodes.

Apple’s New Battery Tech : Availability

Apple might not integrate its battery technology into its products in the near term.  However, the company expects to launch it by the end of 2025. This suggests that the development of these potential battery improvements may not have reached an advanced stage of production.

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