Apple’s foldable iPad could be coming as early as 2024

Apple Foldable iPad Rumors Leaks
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Although practically every smartphone maker has entered the foldable market by now, Apple has been a no-show in this segment so far. And even if foldable iPhones have been rumored for quite some time now, it seems that Apple might kick things off with a foldable iPad instead. Let’s find out more.

Apple Foldable iPad Rumors:

Okay, while a foldable iPhone will likely be a clamshell device like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip series, Apple’s foldable iPad will most likely feature a bookstyle design instead. Kind of like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5, the Pixel Fold, OnePlus Open, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5

Display supplier

According to The Elec (a South Korean media), Apple is considering LG Display and Samsung Display for its folding iPad and iPhone. And it seems that the company has been developing a 20-inch foldable OLED panel for an iPad (or it could be for a Macbook too). Apple is working with both partners to ensure that the crease stays to a minimum as well.

Foldable iPad Screen
Image: MacRumors


Similarly, reports suggest that Apple is pretty stringent about the hinge for its foldable iPad. Although the company hasn’t finalized the hinge design just yet, Apple is working to make it relatively simpler than what most modern foldable phones have. Reports suggest Apple’s latest prototype consists of 885 parts, and it is currently looking to simplify the design, reducing the number of parts in the hinge, while also making the manufacturing process more cost-effective.

Apple Foldable iPad Expected Release Date

As per the latest rumors, Apple’s foldable iPad could be released around 2024 – 2025. The small-scale production of the foldable iPad will reportedly begin in 2024, while its mass production could begin as early as 2025.