Apple is exploring rollable display panels for future iPhones

Apples rollable display
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In a world captivated by new foldable phones, Apple dares to explore a different dimension of innovation. With a recent patent filing, Apple is exploring the concept of rollable or scrollable display for its future devices. This innovation could potentially be applied to iPhones, iPads, televisions, desktop displays, and even vehicle dashboards. While the patent filing does not guarantee immediate product releases, it does demonstrate Apple’s ongoing interest in expandable display technology.

Apple’s Rolling Display Roundup:

The Rollable Display

As per the rollable patent application, Apple’s upcoming device would feature a display capable of transitioning between a rolled-up and unrolled stage.

The display would appear flat in its unrolled state. Meanwhile, in the rolled state, it would bend around an axis onto a roller for compact storage. The display would consist of a pixel array responsible for image production and a transparent protective layer, which may include a locally thinned glass layer to facilitate bending.


Protective Measures

The inward-facing surface will remain protected and relatively smooth to address potential scratches. In contrast, the outward-facing surface will be exposed to potential hazards.

And  For design, Apple aims to prevent glass layer cracking by configuring the display to roll in a way that places compressive stress on the outward-facing surface. Let’s expect this design choice helps safeguard the display from damage when rolled up.

Exploration by Other Companies

When it comes to exploration and innovation, even in rollable displays, Apple is not the only one. Companies such as SamsungTCL, OPPO, Motorola, and Xiaomi have also shown interest in this technology. LG has already introduced rollable TVs to the market and had plans for a rollable phone, as suggested by leaked videos. Motorola showcased its rollable concept phone, the Moto Rizr, at the Mobile World Congress. The device features an expandable display for a more immersive user experience. Xiaomi has also patented smartphones with rollable displays.


The technology could potentially be incorporated into other products as well. Moreover, rumors suggest that Apple is working on a foldable MacBook, which is anticipated to launch in 2026. While other companies have also been exploring rollable display technology, Apple’s unique approach to protective measures and its commitment to excellence suggests the potential for exciting developments. While specific implementation and timelines remain uncertain, Apple’s exploration hints at a future where flexible and immersive display experiences may become a reality.

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